Knowledgeable legal advice is imperative to navigating the complex business challenges presented by Medical Marijuana Act 16.

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Preparation for the implementation of these laws is paramount. Staying abreast of how Pennsylvania will implement and enforce their laws will make all the difference in the success and rollout of any cannabis-based business.

Advice and Counseling

Pennsylvania has joined over two dozen states with medicinal cannabis programs. Each state’s medicinal cannabis program is unique as medical cannabis remains illegal under federal law. Our clients have questions that range from “Can I use traditional banks” “Can I be prosecuted under federal law” and “is cannabis still illegal in Pennsylvania?” Providing accurate and timely information is critical for clients, many of whom may be new to the cannabis industry.

Commercial Litigation

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you are going to end up in court regarding a business dispute. Attorney Andrew M. Gross has extensive business litigation experience in both state and federal court as well as before arbitration panels. Whether you need to enforce a business contract or you are seeking to dissolve a business relationship, Cannabis Legal Solutions has you covered.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is critical in the emerging cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and in every state with a medical or recreational cannabis program. Cannabis Legal Solutions will work with you to create a customized compliance plan that meets the specific needs of your business. CLS understands that clients may have time sensitive compliance questions. CLS will provide timely responses, generally within 24 hours, to your compliance questions.

Licensing and Permitting

The Regulatory Requirements of the medicinal cannabis industry are complex. CLS has the knowledge and experience you need when navigating the process of obtaining and maintaining a license or permit. We’ll make sure all the bases of compliance are covered before petitioning for a license or permit.

Criminal Defense

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis law has made the cultivation, processing, sale and possession of cannabis legal. Non-medical use, however, remains prohibited. Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis industry will be under strict scrutiny to insure medical cannabis is not illegally diverted to the black market. The attorneys at Cannabis Legal Solutions are very knowledgeable in the area of cannabis prohibition and stand ready to offer practical advice whether it is an employee accused of stealing medical cannabis products or the threat of federal prosecution.

We also handle Appellate cases (Appeals) and are certified to practice in Federal court.

Business Entity Formation and Contracts

CLS founding partner Andrew Gross brings decades of experience in corporate and business law to the table.  Whether it’s a small neighborhood endeavor or a major corporate project, Mr. Gross will put his extensive experience in business formation and contract law to work for you.

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Stay secure and stay ahead with a legal team that knows the cannabis marketplace. We help marijuana businesses lay the groundwork for long-term security and success.

Patrick K. Nightingale, Esq. Litigator, Public Speaking, Advocacy

Andrew M. Gross, Esq. Business, Real Estate and Financial Law

Alan R. Patterson, Esq. Litigator, Real Estate, Contract and Bankruptcy Law

  • The attorneys at Cannabis Legal Solutions have provided our organization with reliable, consistent and trustworthy advice and guidance on numerous areas related to our cannabis industry business. I would recommend their services to friends and colleagues without hesitation."

    Bryan Doner, DO, CHWS, FAPWCA, FACHM CEO/Medical Director Compassionate Certification Centers
  • From founding documents and contracts to legal opinions and litigation, we have found Cannabis Legal Solutions to be a responsive and flexible firm that has met our unique needs in the emerging cannabis industry."

    Melonie Kotchey COO Compassionate Certification Centers
  • "I have had the privilege of working with Patrick K. Nightingale at the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society over the past few years. His dedication to reform and his passion will serve the clients at Cannabis Legal Solutions well. Patrick understands cannabis and the need to balance the consumer's needs with the industry's."

    Russ Cersossimo, founder, Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society
  • "Patrick is one of the most compassionate, devoted attorneys I know. His strong will and expertise helped the citizens of Pennsylvania receive medication they desperately need. He helped change my girls lives forever." -- Joseph McGurk "Patrick Nightengale has been the epitome of leadership in the quest for medical cannabis legilization. He leads from the front and refuses no challenge. It has been my families honor to lobby at his side and to reap the rewards resulting from his efforts. I can say with 100% confidence that he was pivotal to the efforts success and every current and future patient owes him many thanks. I would proudly join him in any endeavor." -- Danielle McGurk

    Joseph & Daniell McGurk, parents of two Dravet children

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