Nightingale, Gross & Patterson, LLC, DBA; Cannabis Legal Solutions, is a specialty law practice dedicated to servicing clients in the Medicinal Cannabis industry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Cannabis Legal Solutions is committed to providing expert guidance and counsel to ensure 100% compliance with all the rules and regulations governing medicinal cannabis businesses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Whether it’s a dispensary, a production facility or medical professionals interested in recommending medicinal cannabis for their patients, Cannabis Legal Solutions has the kind of experience and expertise our clients can count on for timely and accurate guidance and legal oversight in meeting all the regulatory requirements of Pennsylvania’s Act 16.

Because Cannabis Legal Solutions is a Pennsylvania based law firm, we have a uniquely qualified team of attorneys and support personnel who understand the challenges our clients face– from business start-up through day to day operations– in complying with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We bring our years of legal and business experience to every aspect of operating a medicinal cannabis entity. From building and maintaining a facility, real estate requirements, community outreach and production questions, to regulatory compliance and licensing issues, our team knows the players and the landscape involved with doing business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Patrick K. Nightingale, Esq

Patrick K. Nightingale, Esq., seasoned criminal defense attorney-at-law, has been deeply involved in the cannabis industry both locally and national since 2008, including the leadership of a grassroots coalition of reformers, and his spearheading successful efforts to pass Pennsylvania decriminalization ordinances. His areas of expertise include search and seizure law, DUI law, drug crimes, white collar crimes, homicide defense, violent felonies, appellate litigation and post-conviction litigation. Prior to private practice, he spent six years with the Office of the District Attorney of Allegheny County from 1996-2002, where he successfully litigated many prosecutions, including a capital case. He brings superior experience and knowledge of the law from both sides of the legal system, and is certified to practice in United States Federal Court.

When it comes to Medicinal Cannabis news, Mr. Nightingale is the “Go-To Expert” for a wide variety of major market media outlets including KDKA TV and Radio, WTAE TV, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune and a host of others throughout Pennsylvania.



Andrew Gross

Andrew M. Gross, Esq

Andrew M. Gross, Esq. is an experienced lawyer specializing in real estate law, bankruptcy, business law and consumer rights litigation, who has been representing individuals and businesses in the Pittsburgh-metro area for more than 25 years. Notably, Gross effectively argued in the case of In Re: The Adoption of: R.A.B. Jr., 2016 PA Super 295, (Pa. Super. Ct. 2016) wherein the Superior Court of Pennsylvania unanimously overturned the trial court and allowed a same sex couple to annul their 2012 adoption, so that they could marry. His work was also paramount in the class action lawsuit in the case of Ashley Toth v. Northwest Savings Bank, No. GD-12-008014 which resulted in a successful settlement with Northwest Savings Bank – with 44,000 of their customers – over its overdraft fee policy.



Alan Patterson

Alan R. Patterson, Esq

Alan R. Patterson, Esq., accomplished criminal litigation and bankruptcy attorney, has a track record of positive client outcomes dating back more than 20 years. He brings his portfolio of dozens of cases in criminal defense, real estate, contract and bankruptcy law, in which he has achieved desired results and financial freedom for his clients.


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