Regulatory compliance is critical in the emerging cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and in every state with a medical or recreational cannabis program. Cannabis Legal Solutions will work with you to create a customized compliance plan that meets the specific needs of your business. Cannabis Legal Solutions understands that clients may have time sensitive compliance questions. Cannabis Legal Solutions will provide timely responses, generally within 24 hours, to your compliance questions.

Cannabis Legal Solutions offers compliance audits as part of the services provided to our clients. During an audit, we will perform an on-site review of the facility’s compliance with state, local, or other applicable regulations, as well as answer any compliance questions posed by staff. We also offer “best practices” that help facilitate consistent compliance, and work directly with you and your staff to educate and guide you on how to comply with the complex regulatory framework.

Cannabis Legal Services is available to attend staff meetings to discuss compliant standard operating procedures and answer employee questions related to compliance. We are available to host private training and Q&A sessions for you and your staff.

Cannabis Legal Solutions will work with you to develop standardized documents designed to facilitate the integration of compliant standard operating procedures into your business operations. Our team can assist in developing or reviewing any type of standardized document for compliance.

Please contact Cannabis Legal Solutions today to discuss how we can help you with your compliance needs.

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