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New Year, New Challenges

Cannabis legalization is front and center on many states agendas in 2019. Governor Tom Wolf is taking a serious look at the process but he certainly has a bit of a mountain to climb.

Pennsylvania is basically two states: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on the ends and “Pennsyltucky” in the middle.

But even with that disparity, the tide is slowly turning, with over 60% of citizens in favor of some sort of legalization. It’s merely a matter of time until the republicans in Pennsylvania government recognize this is no longer a topic which can be ignored.

The state is in desperate need of revenue and cannabis can fill that void.

States like Colorado are seeing vast sums of money flowing in to balance budgets and expand things like education. It’s only a matter of time before Pennsylvania politicians get the message.

We will continue working to bring about the needed change to finally bring legalization to Pennsylvania citizens.

Count on it.

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Patrick NightingaleNew Year, New Challenges
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